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Links to some of the images of Japanese cloisonne on this website. Additional images are within the blog discussions which are indexed below.

Takahara Komajiro Cloisonne

Takahara Komakichi Cloisonne

a. Quick view of the Japanese cloisonne vases

b. Imagebank of the base areas of Japanese cloisonne

c. Imagebank of the neck area of Japanese cloisonne

d. Imagebank of roundels from Japanese cloisonne

Index to blog posts on Japanese cloisonne vases, kouro and jars etc on this website. Note that the blog stopped at the end of 2019 with the post below, but the collection is being added to. See particularly the collections menu for Totai Vases and Totai Jars (the term is broadly and incorrectly used throughout to describe cloisonne on ceramic items of all types.)

72. Familiar and blue

71. Seeing Kinkozan on a plate (ceramic, Totai)

70. Ceramic butterflies in blue (ceramic, Totai)

69. Kinkozan jar in blue 錦光山 – Totai Shippo (陶胎 or トウタイ)

68. How spiral necklaces evolved away

67. Japanese Cloisonne Company made

66. Canvas in blue and black

65. Richly decorated with stylish houou birds

64. Jug loads of tears here

63. Blue clues

62. Houou bird uncaged

61. Another Kinkozan Sobei workshop example (ceramic cloisonne)

60. A large phoenix and dragon vase

59. A familiar phoenix (phoenix and dragon)

58 A Kyoto ’roundel and coin’ style vase in Takahara Komajiro workshop style

57. Comparing roundels and coins to see if two vases share a workshop

56. Metal based cloisonne pot with similarities with earlier ceramic cloisonne

55. Attractive bright blue cloisonne vase with birds amid flowers

54. Birds, butterflies and daisies with ‘moth wings’

53. Pair of lidded jars with butterflies and flowers on blue

52. Ceramic cloisonne jar with Kinkozan Sobei VI mark

51. Delicate bowl with Kawamoto Hansuke mark

50. Large phoenix (houou bird) and dragon style vase

49. Kyoto style roundel and coin vase in Takahara Komajiro workshop style

48. Curvy brown vase with butterflies amid goldstone

47. Vase is a study in brown with interesting designs

46. Comparing roundels and other features with objects 36 and 38

45. A familiar scattering of flowers.

44. Subtle red cloisonne roundels with unusual coins

43. Kouro with spiral necklace decoration and linked tear roundels

42. Six sided vases with spirals at the neck and linked tear roundels.

41. Beautiful 12 lobe jar showing off Japanese cloisonne

40. Butterflies and floral design in a familar pattern

39. Fan shaped decoration on a small jar

38. Pair of elegant tall slim vases with facing butterfly roundels

37. Bright blues, greens and butterflies

36. Neckband that might indicate Takahara Komajiro workshop

35. Playing snap with vases

34. Blue and purple foil providing eye catching colour

33. Confident black background with floral design

32. Did spiral strength wiring interfere with floral design

31. Dense butterflies and floral designs

30. Distinctive roundels with three or four small butterflies

29. Dragon with flaming pearl and phoenix vase

28. Lonely houou bird paired with butterflies

27. Tracking down workshop origin of a Kyoto vase

26. Perfecting a Japanese cloisonne wiring design

25. When strength wiring stopped being essential.

24. A kaleidoscope of butterflies

23. A ginbari phoenix and dragon vase

22. Distinctive houou bird looking over its shoulder

21. Pair of blue beauties showing a new look for Japanese cloisonne

20. Lovely little kouro incense burner complete with lid

19. Jewel of a jug

18. Beautiful green and blue butterflies shining out

17. Beautiful blue contrasting with black and brown

16. Can a Japanese cloisonne phoenix be familiar?

15. Are later dragon and phoenix vases as good?

14. Introducing bird and dragon vases

13. An art deco phoenix or houou bird

12. Pretty pair of ribbed vases

11. Adapting designs to different Japanese cloisonne vase shapes

10. Filling the space on a large Japanese cloisonne vase

9. How bright sunlight transforms Japanese cloisonne

8. Simple and elegant with twisted wire spirals

7. First sight of the Houou Bird

6. Japanese or Chinese cloisonne

5. Four fancy fans with bright foil blues and greens

4. The very simplest designs with blue, white and red flowers

3. The small improvements in Japanese cloisonne wiring

2. Brown and blue and green and shiny

1. When Japanese cloisonne was brown

NB The titles gives in the links above are generally different to those given to the original blog. This is to make them slightly more readable in links and so on.

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