Collection 9. Blue dots, red bricks

Several items in the collection share the following features. they are unmarked and no workshop has been identified for them yet. Help to do so is welcome.

The following object share four features. i) the use of small light blue circles in lines to separate decorative area. ii) the use of a ring of rectangular red ‘bricks’ at mid height. iii) a particular geometric floral pattern. iv) semicircular fishscale strength wiring at the base.

Objects 1, 6, 37, 40 (and 40b). With similarities: object 35.

Note that Object 40b below is a slightly smaller, and possibly slightly earlier form of Object 40. It is interesting that it only has a five petal floral pattern with scrolling leaves. The others above include an eight or more petal pattern

Object 35 is included here as it has some similarities. It uses red dots rather than blue, it has a line of red ‘bricks’ but not a ring, it does have a similar geometric floral pattern, it does have semicircles at the base.

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