C6. Takatani Kenzaburou workshop

The Kyoto based workshop of Takatani Kenzaburou 高谷謙三郎 is often known from the factory photograph presented as a stereoview (marked copyright 1907 H.C. White Co). The image below is of a copy of that stereoview. This copy of the stereoview is also stamped on the back (Herbert George) H.G. Ponting F.R.P.S. (England, 1870 – 1935). Ponting was a travel writer and photographer and presumably the person who took the original photograph.

Stereoview of the Takatani workshop

The image shows more than a dozen young women apparently adding enamel powders to cloisonne objects while two male workers work in the background. Clearly this is just one small stage in the overall production so the factory must have been a sizeable one.

This collection only has one item with the Takatani mark 高谷 (images above) but it seems likely that several objects in this collection come from that workshop.

The mark is as above, as given by Schneider mark 196.

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