Collection 4. Ando

Ando Jubei was one of the great master cloisonne enamelers of his time, able to sell to the Royal Household. The Ando Cloisonne Company has a long history, well documented by Schneider so please read him for detail. Here there are two ‘marked’ examples. The first is a boxed pair of small and relatively modern vases. Indeed, it is actually only the boxes and the stands that are marked.

The red mark in ref 82g below is the shape used here. The lefthand column on the label reads 安藤七宝店 or ‘Andō Shippō mise’ i.e. the Ando Cloisonne shop which remains still in Nagoya as it was when the above vases were sold.

These vases have the common dragon and phoenix motifs, and a decorative style at the neck and upper band that seems to have been extensively used by the Ando company.

The second Ando marked item is a larger single vase, this time unboxed, but with a base mark.

The base mark is very similar to those seen above.

There are three other items in the collection with broadly similar style, as seen below. None have marks so we don’t know from the designs alone whether they are by the Ando company. There are many similarities however, for example in the use of white enamel.

Of course, Ando Jubei was known for work far more impressive than seen above.

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