Collection 3. Takahara Komakichi

The three listings here show objects bearing the mark given by Schneider (mark ref 193) as Takahara Komakichi (Takahara 高原 but not to be confused with Takahara Komajiro 高原駒次郎). This is a reference back to Coben’s book ‘Japanese Cloisonne’ which has the mark (1982 edition, Coben’s reference is mark 57) and a note saying the source was from ‘a personal communication from Hayashi’.

Object 88. A Komakichi Korou with lid.

The mark is clear, and the pattern at the base is distinctive, as are the roundels.

Object 79. The second listing is another korou.

The mark itself seems to use two Japanese Hiragana characters, possibly るふ, one above the other (see below).

The floral patterned roundels are attractive.

Object 80. This is a pair of small vases.

The marks to the bases are a little tarnished, but clearly the same mark of Takahara Komakichi, as in the previous item.

end …

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