72. Familar and blue

This is an attractive pair of vases in a familar shade of blue. The main decoration is a floral array with birds and butterflies. There are intricate patterns ringing the base and neck and at mid height.

ref 72.1 pair of blue vases

Two earlier objects, 53 and 55, (shown below) are very similar at first sight. It is difficult to know whether they come from the same workshop however without detailed examination.

Of the two, object 55 seems closest to this object (object 72). The following images show some key comparisons. Firstly, look at the yellow shape within the black symmetrical surround. The shape exists on both objects but within very different patterns.

The butterflies, the birds and the daisies are also similar.

None of this is conclusive, but these two objects clearly share common influences at the very least.

Object 72. Pair of vases     height  16.0 cm      weight 156 gm.

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