70. Ceramic butterflies in blue

The main decoration on this pair of vases are the butterflies. That said, the contrasting colour scheme of the background at different heights is very attractive. The strength wiring (‘bean’ or ‘lobed half moon’ shapes) is also becoming a feature rather than just a necessity.

この花瓶の主な飾​りは蝶です. 背景の対照的な配色も非常に魅力的です. 構造の配線( 豆の形)はも設計の一部になりつつあります.

ref 70.1 pair of cloisonne on ceramic vases

The butterflies all have a similar outline design. The internal colours do not seem to follow the wiring, and are in a more freehand style. Indeed the internal area of the neck (image below) has freehand painted designs of butterflies.

すべての蝶のデザインは似ています. ただし、内部色は配線に従いません。もっとフリーハンドのスタイルです. また、首の内部領域には、フリーハンドで描かれた蝶があります。

ref 70.5 painted neck area

Trying to connect these vases with earlier objects, the easiest connection is with object 52. Several objects have had the ‘five petal’ pattern seen below. The one on object 70 feels a little later because of the additional colouring and the more widely spaced strength wiring surrounding it.


The ‘reverse five petal’ pattern below seems to occur less often on the ceramic cloisonne objects looked at so far. The two designs below on these two objects are very similar.


The half ‘oval square’ pattern at the base is another common feature, though it has been used on other cloisonne on ceramic objects looked at previously.

None of this is sufficient to prove a connection but the two objects are certainly in the same style, though of a different time period. More objects are needed to build up a fuller picture.

Object 70. Pair of vases   height 17.1 cm weight 314 gm (each).

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