66. Canvas in blue and black

This lovely large six sided vase provides lots of scope for attractive design.  Birds race up and down within a floral landscape and there is a large butterfly flitting among sprigs of leaves.  These are merely part of the decoration however because there are also pretty bands of symmetrical patterns surrounding the vase at the neck, base and shoulder.

These patterns are very different to those seen on most of the earlier objects discussed on this site. Six of the elements that make up the patterns are shown below.

There were two earlier vases with designs that bear some resemblance. They were objects 54 and 55. For example, they have ‘insect wing’ designs similar to image ref 66.7.

It is more difficult to strengthen the connection using other design elements. All three objects have a bird and a butterfly, but the floral design of object 66 has a different feel to any earlier object.

This object has a rich set of patterns in the decorative bands that look as if they have evolved over some time. Hopefully other objects will emerge to shed light on how this developed.

Object 66.   Vase     height   28.3 cm   weight  836 gm.

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