64. Jug loads of tears here

This little jug is covered with lots of roundels and other interesting designs. Four of the roundels are surrounded by a circle of ‘linked tears’ as defined elsewhere here.  More of that later, first two images of the jug.

There are eight different roundels on the jug which shows that this came from a workshop trying to achieve a high standard. As some earlier objects have shown, the workshops who were seeking to generate volume quickly for the general market often repeated just a few standard designs and showed little ambition.

The four roundels shown above all have the ‘linked tear’ design round the perimeter.  This is as seen on Objects 12, 42, and 43.   There are also many similarities between the internal design of the roundels on this vase and those on these objects. To see this in more detail you should view the roundel imagebank on this site.

Above are the remaining four roundels on this jug for completeness. They have a ‘large loops’ surround as defined in th e roundel imagebank.

The second part of the title for the collection was ‘spiral necklaces’ which referred to the ring of large, neat spirals around the neck of those objects. Here are the images from those earlier objects.

On this jug the neck does not lend itself to a circle of spirals, but the makers have found a location for it just above the base. It was clearly a distinctive part of the design that they wanted to be sure to include.

There are two other aspects that these objects seem to share. The first will be called a ‘bold chrysanthemum’, and it is repeated several times even on this small jug (image ref 64.13). It seems to always be partly hidden behind another shape. It appears also on objects 12, 42 and, in smaller form, on object 43.

The second is a little patchwork of what this site earlier called ‘oval squares’. that is, squares created by four elongated oval shapes – and always with a little dot in the middle of each square. This also appears on objects 12 and 42.

In summary, these objects are richly decorated, and indeed very collectable.

Object 64.  Jug     height 9.7 cm      weight 112 gm.

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