63. Blue clues

This attractive vase has a very different look from any seen earlier on this site. It is another that immediately raises the question of its origin. Is it Japanese or could it be Chinese, or indeed from another country?

The area with the most clues is at the neck. The pretty descending pattern is made up of lots of smaller shapes. Each of these has been seen before on earlier objects.

The top of the pattern on this vase is made up of three dark blue ‘boat’ or ‘heart’ shapes as in image ref 63.5 below and an example from object 52. That has been a shape widely used on recent objects (nos. 52, 53, 56, 61).

The area below this has a three cornered pattern made up of the shape called here ‘lobed half moons’. Previously this has been the shape used extensively as ‘strength wiring’ on objects 52, 56 and 61. On this vase the strength wiring has a different shape as discussed below.

Lower down on the neck pattern there is an example of what this site has called an ‘oval square’ pattern. This has been seen in several forms on the objects mentioned above, either as separate decorations or as a band around the vase.

There are other interesting parallels. There is an area on object 56 which clearly represents grass using a jagged series of straight lines. The equivalent of this in image ref 63.7 is difficult to see but there is a detailed image below which shows a very similar approach.

ref 63.8 detail of grass from image ref 63.7

Image ref 63.8 also shows the strength wiring on this vase which is done with a twisted cloud like shape. Cloud shapes are most commonly used as strength wiring on vases with a Chinese origin though this is a slightly different design of ‘cloud’ than those generally seen.

More evidence is needed and will no doubt emerge from future objects.

Object 63. Vase    height 15.2 cm   weight 281 gm

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