61. Another from the Kinkozan Sobei workshop

Ceramic cloisonne has a particular beauty.  It is easy to see why it would be popular with buyers, and it is a shame that its relative fragility made it less practical than metal based cloisonne.  This example has a contrast of two blues that must have been brighter and even more attractive when first made.

Looking back at object 52 it is clear that this is a very similar jar. There are very many of the same features though the ‘strength wiring’, which we have previously called ‘lobed half moons’, is a lot less dense. One analysis is that this is therefore likely to have been produced later, as the workshop became more confident of its technique. The flowers are also more developed on this vase.

The additional decorations on object 61 are also slightly more elaborate than those on object 52. The pink floral decoration seen on the top right of object 52, made of five heart/boat shaped petals is still there but now has additional internal features (see 61.4 and 61.6 below).

Object 52 had a mark to the base which was identified as being from the workshop of Kinkozan Sobei VI 六代錦光山宗兵衞. Though this jar has no mark it seems likely to have originated in the same workshop, though at a later date. 

Object 61. Jar     height  14.2 cm   weight 489 gm.

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