58. Can you rely on a roundel?

This next object is a pretty little vase in the now familiar Kyoto coins and roundels style. Some of the minor wirework is a little carelessly executed but the overall look is attractive.

There are four roundel designs on the vase, some repeated. All of the roundels are surrounded by the thicker wire circle characteristic of some styles of this type of vase.

One of the roundels looks familiar from an earlier object. Looking through the ‘roundel imagebank‘ this leads back to object 27. This is a broadly similar vase though with six lobes. Here are the two roundels side by side.

As usual we cannot discount the possibility that the two are made by different makers sharing a common influence, but a reasonable conclusion is that they probably come from the same workshop.

Object 27 showing roundel

Elsewhere on the site there is a section called ‘Collections’ where there is an attempt to group objects together, and to associate them with a known workshop if possible. Object 27 is in the collection called Takahara Komajiro. Within that the existence of the roundel in the style seen immediately above was one key feature in making the connection as a reference vase with a Takahara Komajiro 高原駒次郎 mark has exactly that roundel.

Is this enough evidence to add Object 58 to the collection? The coins could also be considered.

Looking at the ‘coins imagebank’, these are coins given reference nos. 1b, 3, and 4a. Coin 4a is relatively rare and it appears on several other objects associated with this collection. It is also seen on the Takahara Komajiro reference vase.

On balance, there is sufficient evidence to make the association but there will never be proof unless a workshop catalogue or other hard evidence comes to light.

Object 58. Vase     height 12.5 cm      weight 110 gm.

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