57. Roundel and roundel

This lovely six lobed vase is covered in coins and roundels as well as neat and distinctive small gilded ‘strength wiring’ spirals. We have already looked at many objects with similar decoration so it is useful to be able to group them together. Hopefully that will lead to identification of possible workshops of origin.

On this website there are imagebanks for both roundels and coins.  Using those this vase finds an immediate match in the roundels with Object 38. That is another vase, though of very different shape.

Vase (object 38)

Comparing four roundels between the two objects, b) and d) are very similar, the other two a little less so.

This object has three coins, two of which are shown below. Object 38 had two of the same coins plus two others.

It is worth noting in passing that there is an interesting ‘finger’ pattern at the base. A similar approach was seen earlier on object 42 (and also the kouro that was object 18). Object 38 does not have this pattern.

In summary, objects 38 and 57 are likely to share a common workshop, or at least a common influence. There are other objects already in the collection that also have common features with one or both of them.

Object 57. Vase     height   15.7 cm      weight 177 gm.

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