56. Heart-flowers amid lobed-moons

This is a simple cylindrical jar that is cloisonne on metal with colourful decoration using flowers, grapes, leaves and butterflies.  As demonstrated below, it has elements that connect back to the ceramic cloisonne of objects 51 and 52. That makes it an interesting linking piece.

To explain the title given above, both this object and object 52 have the decoration shown below. Both have a floral decoration made up of five boat or heart shaped areas. Both are surrounded by strength wiring in the shape called elsewhere on the site ‘lobed half moons’. Object 51 has a very similar ‘heart flower’ element as shown in the analysis of that object (image ref 51.9).

There are other similarities in the floral decoration, not least in how the green leaves are executed. It is noticeable that the lobed half moon strength wiring is far denser on object 52 which is ceramic based. This presumably reflects its greater fragility.

Looking briefly at the butterflies on the jar, the first (56.3) looks somewhat similar to those seen on our previous three objects. The lower wings are relatively smaller than those seen on the other objects which makes this design feel a little more primitive, and so possibly earlier.

The righthand butterfly is very different, and has an unusual use of straight lines within the body. It seems that the design of the butterflies within the floral patterns has a different origin from the ones in the side panels, which is interesting.

Object 56.    Jar      height 12.3 cm    weight 240 gm.

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