55. Birds among the flowers

This is a bright and attractive vase with two birds patrolling a rich floral landscape. There are butterflies, daisy like flowers and a range of colourful branches with leaves.  Unlike many of the objects seen earlier the base has an enamel covering.  Is it clearly a Japanese rather than a Chinese vase, or indeed could it have another origin? Certainly it has features similar to the two previous objects examined.

Looking first at the butterflies, there is certainly a similarity in style. They are very different from the elaborate internal designs of many seen earlier.

Looking at the birds the similarities are less clear but they are broadly in the same style.

Turning now to the treatment of the floral elements, the red leaves do look very similar in approach.

There are also green and yellow leaves on all three objects. They are done in very similar style, particularly between Objects 53 and 55.

Object 53 does not have any of the daisy like flowers but there are great similarities between their treatment on the other two objects.

In the examination of the previous object the term ‘moth wings’ was introduced for a particular feature. This vase also has such a feature as seen below. The execution is different but the visual effect is similar.

In summary, the three objects (see combined image below) have many similar features. It is not clear whether this means they share a common workshop or simply have similar influences.

Objects 53, 54 and 55

They are also in many ways very different objects. More evidence is needed before an association can be confirmed.

Object. Vase     height 16.5 cm      weight 423 gm.

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