54. Butterflies and daisies

The decoration on this simple pot can be lost in its black background, but when carefully examined it is full of colourful detail. There are lots of little butterflies, a bird, and a selection of leaves and flowers. 

The previous object that was examined has similar design elements, as does the next object.  It will therefore be left until that object (no. 55) has been introduced to best demonstrate the similarities and differences. In the interim, here are four detailed images from this jar.

One interesting area that can be examined now however is the pattern at the neck which is rather different from any object looked at before. There is a feature that will be termed ‘moth wings’ until a better description is identified.

It will be interesting as future objects are examined to try to determine the origin of this rather unusual decoration. It certainly gives the jar a very different feel from most of those looked at before.

Object.   Jar     height 12.5 cm  weight 260 gm.

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