53. Butterflies and birds on blue

Unlike the previous two objects, this pair of lidded jars is constructed with cloisonne on a metal base. The pair do share two features with the previous two objects though which may show a link at some level to be explored later.

The main attraction is the lovely floral scene that is the main decoration, complete with birds and butterflies. This is particularly worth noting because several upcoming objects will have similar design elements.

The floral pattern (as seen in detail below) has branches of distinctive slim red leaves and of white leaves, and then broader green and yellow leaves. The butterflies have a simple but distinctive form, and there are flower heads. 

Around the base there is a ring of the ‘oval square’ pattern described in the previous two objects. This time the ovals are blue against a green background.  At the neck there is also extensive use of the ‘boat’ or ‘heart’ pattern seen on the previous two objects. 

The jars also have bird and butterfly images within the broader scene. These detailed images may be useful later on to make connections with other objects.

Object 53.      Jars (pair)     height 12.5 cm      weight 210 gm (each with lid).

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