50. Birds and dragons

This very large 18″ tall vase (45.7 cm) is in the classic phoenix and dragon style. The large size (compared to most objects on this site) allows the workshop to produce some very clear designs which we will look at later. Meanwhile, here are images of the vase itself.

As these pictures show, the neck and base have taken something of a battering but somehow the main design area remain in good shape. Looking at the houou bird and dragon we can see they have been executed in superb style. There is a wide range of colours separated by tidy wirework. This workshop knew what it was doing.

The ‘badges’ at the neck are also always worth examining on a vase like this. It looks as if these are meant to be simpler pictures of houou birds and dragons, or maybe even baby ones!

Returning to the main images of the houou bird and dragon, these do not match any of the previous ‘phoenix and dragon’ vases on this site, or indeed any of the reference vases this website has seen made by famous artisans. The houou bird in particular is well done though so it will be interesting to find out the maker.

Object 50. Vase height 45.7 cm, weight 1729 gm.

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