49. Simply Kyoto

This simple vase is in what is by now a very recognisable style. There are roundels and coins and a familiar pattern at the neck. It is fair to say that it has been produced to a formula though, with an eye to efficient production rather than quality. The end product would still have been very saleable.

There are six roundels in all, but each is repeated twice. The patterns used are pleasant but simple. As far as associating them with previous objects the key is the thick wire used for the surround. Only roundels on objects 27 and 30 had the same sort of surround. See this website’s roundel imagebank.

There are lots and lots of coins, but they are of only three types. Many are quite carelessly executed, but the examples shown below are of reasonable quality. In this website’s ‘coin imagebase‘ they are coin type 1b, 4a, 7a. Of previous objects seen 36, 38 and 46 have a type 7b coin but no other object has a type 7a so far. The other two coins are more widely seen.

It is the neckband that is most distinctive. Below it is shown alongside others from objects 30 and 39. Given the other evidence that adds this object to the collection identified as ‘C2. Takahara Komajiro workshop style’.

The Takahara Komajiro workshop was Kyoto based. Schneider defines Kyoto Cloisonne (in particular Kyotojippo) as ‘wire emphasizing pieces’ with little use of shading within a cell instead preferring to use wire to separate areas of even subtle tonal difference. The Schneider definition is rather fuller and should be read in the original, but refer in particular to Schneider Figure 70 to confirm that this object feels correct for this description.

Object 49. Vase height 12.2 cm weight 104 gm.

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