48. Swirls of brown

This lovely vase has curves in every direction. It is a little similar to the last pair of vases we looked at though there is not enough to suggest they come from the same workshop. There are subtle contrasts in brown, with goldstone style decoration on alternate panels.

There are six main panels round the vase, with two designs repeated three times. Those two designs are shown in more detail below. The images show that the wiring is carefully and delicately executed. The enamel has also been applied with great care and skill.

In between the six panels there is a simpler pattern as shown below, with images of the pattern at the top and bottom of the dividing area. This is rather different from anything seen on earlier objects.

One interesting area is the one just below the neck. Several vases have the ‘heart’ or ‘boat’ shape in assorted patterns there. Image ref 48.4 above also shows this shape used as part of the decoration surrounding the butterflies. Exactly what it signifies about origin is as yet unknown.

In summary, an interesting and well designed vase with a mature feel.

Object 48. Vase height 18.6 cm weight 274 gm.

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