47. A study in brown

This pair of small vases have a simple design with lots of interesting small touches. Each is round with four faces, two pairs of which have the same basic design against a slightly varied background. Here are the two vases. As can be seen, they are not ‘mirrors’ of each other.

An example of the difference between the two similar faces within each vase are shown by the following images. The lefthand image has a dullish red enamel as background, the righthand one has a goldstone type sparkle. The decorations are otherwise broadly the same.

The vases are otherwise unremarkable. The pattern at the neck may in due course identify them as part of a family, but there is nothing in this website’s ‘neck imagebank‘ to suggest there is a partner here yet.

It would be interesting to know how this design evolved as the workshop experimented with improvements. It has the look of something with lots of elements skilfully done but as yet no convincing overall design.

Object 47. Pair of vases height 12.5 cm weight (each) 142 gm.

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