45. Scattering flowers

This lovely vase was instantly familiar but at the same time very different. It is the scattered five petal motif that is immediately recognisable, then two of the roundels also added to the connection.

The connection is with the vase that was object 21, on the left below. It looks like a later version, because of the more attractive (to the market) blue. The decoration on the lower neck is different. The green vase also has a badly formed and unattractive spiral ring at the neck and base which needed to be lost or improved.

Comparing the roundels shows a likely connection as demonstrated below by two pairs of comparisons.

In many ways the two vases are so similar that it seems likely that there was only a little time between them. On the blue vase there is a lower neck pattern that looks like an attempt to imitate some of those seen elsewhere. The original on this vase seems stronger.

Object 45 Vase height 16 cm weight 257 gm.

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