44. A subtle shade of red

This is a lovely tiny pair of vases, designed in mirror fashion though with some freedom in the minor details. The most prominent feature is undoubtedly the red roundel that can be seen in both of the images below. It has a lovely shade that marks it as later than many of the objects seen earlier.

In other respects there are some similarities with some earlier objects, but nothing is close enough to be sure. The roundels are worth looking at in more detail though, if only to admire the design. The enamel is carefully done and the wirework is lovely.

One area of interest in trying to associate these vases with earlier ones is the pattern at the neck. Comparing these vases with, for example, the vase that is object 39 shows at least a similarity of approach, with two descending red teardrops meeting to enclose a three lobed pattern.

The coins do not help much here. Most are different to those seen earlier, if hardly highly inventive in their design..

In summary, these vases are lovely examples of wire emphasising cloisonne. They seem likely to be connected in some way with other objects on this website, but the evidence is not yet available. Hopefully one or more objects will emerge soon to provide a link.

Object 44. Pair of vases height 9.3 cm weight 77 gm.

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