43. Collecting spiral necklaces

This lovely small jar or korou shares most of the common features of the previous pair of vases and also the pair of vases that were object 12. On this website there is a section which describes ‘collections’ of objects, meaning those which have such similarities that they are likely to have been from a single workshop. The one that relates to these objects is called Spiral Necklaces. First, here are the images of this object.

The necklace is difficult to see here so it is better to look at a different view. In both images below it is easy to see the use of a decoration using more carefully formed spirals with more turns than the ‘strength’ wiring spirals

The other half of the name ‘linked tears’ is a description of the edge pattern for some of the roundels. That was more fully described in the previous post but can also be seen on the two roundels in the front of image ref 43.1, and on the roundel with ‘grape’ like decorations in image ref 43.2. It is also seen in light blue at the top of image ref 43.5 below.

As the collection aspects are covered elsewhere, this is a good opportunity to look at smaller details of this object. Here are four images of interest. They show lovely colours and textures in the enamel as well as superb wirework. Note the height of this object is only just over 7 cm so these decorative elements are themselves quite tiny.

Because very few modern decorative objects are of this quality it is easy to miss the amazing level of skilled work that went into constructing this object. If kept on a dark shelf it would excite little interest. Looked at in bright daylight it springs to life.

Object 43. Jar or kouro height 7.2 cm weight 104 gm.

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