40. Following generations

Sometimes a new object looks familiar but it takes a while to work out why. This next vase has a simple design that uses floral patterns and butterflies as its main decoration, which is not unusual. It has six panels with three patterns that repeat twice.

The vase that it seems similar to is object 37, a vase of very different initial appearance. The suggestion is that Vase 37 is a later generation of Vase 40, one with added ‘glitter’. Here are the two side by side.

There are many areas of similarity. For example, in the images above see the use of small light blue circles to separate areas of design. Also note the use of dark red rectangular ‘bricks’ to form circular bands at mid height.

Another area to examine is at the base (see below) where blue overlapping semicircular scales are used. The necks also have similarities.

In addition, the floral patterns used are also similar, and use similar colours although clearly the backgrounds are very different.

The above analysis set out a number of criteria. If they are applied also to Object 1, a Kouro, they seem to fit. There are blue dots separating decorative areas, there is a ring of red rectangular bricks, the semicircles at the base are black rather than blue but they are of the same arrangement. The floral design is also similar.

Continuing this theme, the pair of vases that are Object 4 and the vase which is Object 6 also come into view. As can be seen below from the images, they have light blue dots dividing decoration, a ring of red bricks, and semicircles at the base.

The floral decoration of Object 4 is less clearly comparable. Perhaps this pair of vases are an even earlier version of the general design. The wirework certainly seems a little cruder.

In summary, as noted before it is not possible to come to a final conclusion on common origins from a simple examination. It would not be unreasonable to propose at least that Vase 40 and Kouro 1 are earlier generations of Vase 37.

Object 40. Vase height 17.0 cm weight 228 gm.

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