39. Coins to compare

This little jar is different in many ways from earlier objects examined. It has primarily square fan shaped decoration and it is missing its lid. It is of great interest though not because of these features but because of its similarities in subtle ways with a very different earlier object.

This object provides an opportunity for the first time to discuss in more detail ‘coins’ which for the purposes of this website is a term used to describe small round decorations. There are four distinct ones on this jar, though some are repeated in different colour combinations.

Because they are one of the smallest elements of decoration it is easy to give them insufficient attention. However, it is because they are such a tiny element that workshops tend to stick with the ones they know and which work for them. If they need more on a larger object they tend to simply repeat them many times in different colours.

Look at the coins for the vase that was object 30. They are listed below, and below that is an image of the vase itself where even in the view given there are numerous repeats.

So there are three coins on each object that are essentially identical. Do the objects look similar? Putting them side by side as below it is hard to see. Perhaps the green scale strength wiring/decoration at the base, but what else.

The images above do not show clearly the neckbands. Is there anything common there? As the pictures below show, there is considerable similarity including at some fine detail. Look for example at the blue surrounds to the yellow bead dropping down. Both neckbands have a ‘three-lobed’ wire outline at that point where others which use that element do not.

In summary, these two objects have similar features at the neck, in the main decorative area, and at the base. Whether that means the same workshop or just the same influences remains to be seen.

In short, as will be seen from later analyses, the coins can often by themselves point the way to objects that share a particular origin. Clearly there then needs to be more analysis before any conclusion can be reached.

Object 39. Vase height 8.3 cm weight 81 gm.

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