38. Familiar elegance

This pair of tall slim vases are beautifully designed and have been executed with wirework of the highest standard. The spiral ‘strength’ wiring is neatly and attractively done, and it is also some of the smallest diameter that we have seen so far. There are also lots of attractive roundels to please the eye.

If you have been following these posts in order then several things about it look familiar. If we compare it with the jar that was object 36 the general approach is the same, with high quality work in both cases. Is it possible to tie them more closely together though? In example 1 below the lefthand image is from object 36, the righthand from object 38.

Taking a different example, this time one containing butterflies. In each case there are larger butterflies forming two opposing sides with smaller butterflies in between. Again, lefthand is object 36, righthand is object 38.

None of this proves a connection, and there are several other possible explanations. Nevertheless it is clear that there is a common style between the two pieces. Whether or not they were produced by the same workshop, they were produced by craftspeople who shared a common idea of how to make a beautiful cloisonne object.

Object 38. Pair of vases height 15.2 cm weight 172 gm (each).

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