36. Round and round

This large and colourful jar is missing its lid which detracts a little from its beauty. Nevertheless it is decorated on all sides with finely designed floral and geometric areas, and remains a fine sight.

The larger ’roundels’ are very distinctive. All are different from those we have seen before. Several are repeated in identical shapes but with different coloured enamels. For example, image 36.4 is repeated four times with different colour combinations.

This is another object with a distinctive border towards the neck, broadly similar to several seen on earlier objects. Compare it in particular to the pattern on the neck of the vase which was object 30. They look like two designs that are from the same family, but they are still quite distinct from each other.

In summary, the vase contains lots of clues that might in time lead us to the name of the workshop which made it. That may be associated with that of Takahara Komajiro 高原駒次郎 or the Takatani factory as discussed in the context of object 30. Alternatively the investigation may lead elsewhere.

Object 36 Jar height 15 cm weight 509 gm.

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