31. Every space filled

This next vase is filled to overflowing with simple but beautifully executed designs. On one face there are butterflies, on the other two there are different dense floral geometric patterns. Nowhere on the vase is there an area of enamel unbroken by some wired pattern.

The butterflies are well executed, and sit in a lovely design of scrolling grass against a blue background. This workshop has a good feeling for colour and colour combinations and the shades of orange used are very effective.

The patterns on the other two faces are attractive in a different way. The accuracy of the wiring and skilful choices of enamel colours ensure a beautiful effect.

There is another interesting pattern which is used at the neck and on the lower main faces of the vase. These attractive little ‘boat’ or perhaps ‘heart’ shapes are probably there as a form of strength wiring. If so they are a step on from the older spiral shapes, but indicate perhaps that the workshop was not yet confident of having larger areas of unbroken black enamel.

ref 31.7

This vase has a different style from those looked at earlier, not departing too much from a traditional approach but adding a fresh eye . This feels like a vase that should be used, rather than just admired.

Object 31. Vase height 15.4 cm weight 215 gm.

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