11. So very similar

The last vase we looked at was very distinctive, so it was easy to see that this next vase came from the same workshop. The size is similar but the shape is very different, so it is interesting to see how the workshop approached the challenge.

The first thing to note is the once again there is a floral scene with butterflies all within a heart shaped border made of red circles. Indeed the scene has exactly the same concept, not least the winding branches to the left. Reassuringly though the artist has completely redrawn the rest to fit in the much wider, shallower space available. As before the wirework and execution are excellent.

As before, the small coins/roundels are rather dull, but the larger ones are quite detailed, with some being quite similar to ones on the previous vase. Only similar though, not an exact copy, suggesting that no one was following a prescriptive pattern.

At the neck there is exactly the same ‘clover scale’ green pattern between a line of tiny red circles and the black spiral strength wiring. The pattern circling the neck is similar in style to the previous one.

Another lovely vase. The two vases taken together show that the artist responsible for the designs approached each job afresh, rather than following a closely prescribed pattern. This is not mass production but rather a craftsman led team.

Object 11. Vase height 21.5 width 694 gm.

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