4. Simple pairs

Staying for the moment with very basic designs, this pair of small vases does not attempt any great stylish improvements. Instead a splash of colour is present to at least attract the eye.

If we look in more detail at the flowers we see a certain freedom has been given to the worker made responsible for that element. Is that gold sprinkled freely in and around the centre of each flower? Probably not.

Apart from this splash of colour though the decoration is sparse. Looking at the neck and base we see just the usual most basic essential elements to maintain structural integrity.

So these are simple vases, no doubt offered at a price very much at the low end of the market. They are still pleasing to the eye though, particularly if bright sunlight or firelight catches the brighter colours.

Objects 4 . Pair of vases, height 13 cm, weight 122 gm (each).

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