9. Hidden details

If you saw the next vase on a shelf in a British house it probably would not catch your eye. Some of the colours are quite dull if there is no sunlight to bring them to life, and many of the individual designs do not stand out well from their backgrounds.

Consider that the vase is only 12.5 cm tall though. That means that the butterflies in the image 9.2 above are only 27mm wide. At full size we almost do not see the wire work, but a close up photograph helps us to see the craftsmanship. The scale shown in image 9.4 has 1mm scale for each of the small divisions.

Elsewhere on the vase there are similar fine designs, for example with the various ’roundels’, of which 9.6 is particularly striking, if simple in concept.

At the neck and towards the base we also see some very delicate ‘grass’ wiring to cover the spaces and presumably give added strength.

Overall, a vase of great craftsmanship but one that probably struggled to attract the attention it deserved. One can imagine it being passed over by a less discerning buyer for another vase with a bit of sparkly foil inset into the shoulders. The marketplace is sometimes cruel.

Object 9. height 12.5 cm weight 185 gm.

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