2. Brown and blue and green

The second object is a small vase with dense decoration and vibrant colours. There are six panels, three sparkling blue and three in purple. This is then set off with a band round the neck in sparkling green and a similar lower band in the same green.

Again there are butterflies used in the decoration. This time the three butterflies are essentially identical, and you can imagine that the wire frames were a mass produced component. There is a nice touch with a sprinkling of brown in the cream enamel decoration around the body of the insect.

Of course one reason that there are so many decorative elements on the vase, despite its small size, is that the supporting wires ensured that the enamel did not crack or part from the backing.

ref 2f

For example, in this image from the area below the neck of the vase there are numerous design elements. In addition to the small red and white beads there are floral decorations and little cartouches (ornamental decorations).

ref 2g

Nevertheless the vase needs a spread of green on the shoulder to make it attractive to a buyer. It is therefore not a surprise that the vase has only one significant area of damage, and that is in that area. Even there the damage has been limited from spreading by the wires forming the beading and the floral decoration. This detail picture also gives a first magnified view of the small green squares (presumably of metal foil) used to provide brilliance on otherwise dull enamel surfaces.

This tiny vase is packed full of detail and is certainly earns its place here.

Object 2. Vase height 15.5 cm weight 212 gm.

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