Japanese Cloisonne

Welcome to my Japanese cloisonne collection (日本七宝のコレクション). It contains many wonderful items of craftsmanship. If you become interested in the subject, there are hundreds of similar objects available in the UK to new collectors for just a few pounds at auction sites and elsewhere.

There are many marked pieces of Japanese cloisonne shown in the Collections menu, for example, by Takahara Komajiro, by Takahara Komakichi, by Yasuda, by Kinkozan, and by others. Most items on this site though are unmarked, but nevertheless, very beautiful.

Though many of these pieces are undocumented, it is possible to learn a great deal about their production from their study. It produces an interesting puzzle where each new object adds clues and where even the amateur can detect connections between objects.

If you have knowledge about any of the items here that would improve the site, or if you want to correct any mistakes made then please get in touch (email as below).

All of the images on this site are of items that either exist in my collection or were there at the time of photography, and all photography is mine. All photographic images of cloisonne objects on the website may be used freely with no need for attribution.

I largely stopped adding to the site in 2020 but I continue to have a keen interest in the subject. If you read some of the blog posts you will see that my knowledge developed over the time of writing them. I have left original mistakes in place though. This is the low end of the market and we amateurs are allowed our errors.

Best wishes, David デビッド

August 2021, Bristol, England

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